Daily Routine

Daily timetable

9:00-9:45         Self register

             Free play until all the children have arrived

9:45-10:05       Tidy up time,

                         Circle time/ Small group time (Adult led activities)


10:00-11:45    Free play/Free flow inside and outside (Child initiated activities)

10:00-11:00     Snack bar open

11:45-12:00     Story time/singing time

12:00-12:45     Lunch

12:45-13:00     Register time.

                        Calendar time (day of the week, month, weather)

13:00-13:45     Free play/Free flow inside and outside (Child initiated activities)

13:45-14:00     Adult led activity, home time 

14:00-14:45     Free play/Free flow, with small group or individual adult led                                 activities


14:45-15:00     Story time/Singing time



Afternoon activities:

Monday-          Music

Tuesday-          PE

Wednesday-    Drama/ Yoga

Thursday-        Ring games

Friday-             Golden time 




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This week we are talking about a bakery and the week after we are going to zooom to the moon!!!


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